Allows the user to publish an event into correspondence, allowing the attendees to be informed through e-mail of the event.

That is the beginning.

We let organizers invite attendees from within the organization and from outside too. The entire team can then track responses, and can let some attendees attend only parts of the meetings. We will take care of informing the organizer on time.

A team can work together to create the agenda of the meetings together.

Meeting organizers can create Minutes of Meetings from a list of templates.

The attendees can share each agenda point together. We let them update the documents during the meeting.

Yes, we let them vote for each part of the meeting, and we create reports for those who voted with or against the point, and also inform you of those who missed voting.

We thought that anyways, those high-level managers attending the meeting should do their work from an iPad App that helps them focus on the meet artifacts, allowing them to go through the entire meeting from within that latest 12.9 inches iPad