Initiatives plays an important role in developing the entity and improving its productivity by creating a creative and supportive environment for employees, therefore, the “Initiatives” module in Berry platform provides the ability to track these initiatives and transform them into


To separate various businesses and to facilitate the search and management processes, Berry platform provides the “Announcements” module as a separate module which offers the ability to seamlessly manage announcements, publish them, and deal with them efficiently. In addition to

Integration with Other Systems

Based on our understanding of the importance of being able to integrate with other systems in order to guarantee maximum potential of the correspondence system we have built our platform using latest technologies and firm foundation that enables us to


Audit Trail Report Which displays all actions performed on the correspondences and all the users performing those actions Support E-Signature capabilities for outgoing correspondence that is very beneficial for users especially executives Facilitate linking and settling correspondences using the simplest

Meeting Management

Allows the user to publish an event into correspondence, allowing the attendees to be informed through e-mail of the event. That is the beginning. We let organizers invite attendees from within the organization and from outside too. The entire team