Allows uploading all types of documents into a folder structure of choosing and classifying them based on predetermined categories and specific permissions. It also allows describing documents with additional metadata that facilitates search in the future, Moreover, Allowing the admin to configure predefined metadata to be used by the users based on the need.

It also has the ability to transform paragraphs in pictures and PDFs into textual format, such as OCR Results generated into RTF, HTML or plain text formats using OCR Software to enable search inside documents.

In addition, you can link correspondences with certain archive folders as well as adding deadlines and reminders on certain documents.

berry® Archiving also has its own routing engine (workflow) that enables collaboration between users, the document can be sent as an assignment or as a copy.

The routing engine is based on a predetermined sequence configured by the system administrators based on roles or persons.

Users can track the status of each document and view the routing history from within the user interface. System administrators can specify a period of time after which documents cannot be deleted by system users.