Each correspondence is tracked from its creation until its archival. You’ll always know who holds a correspondence, the previous people that have held the correspondence, and the exact time of each step. All of these information are displayed in a well-designed timeline.

berry® allows system administrators to change the activities (steps) that a correspondence must pass through during its life cycle, each activity can contain a set of rules that governs the outcome path based on computations on the passed variables.

The system will also allow the end users to track the progress of any given correspondence in a graphical presentation depicting the workflow set by the admins.

These defined activities can be configured as stages to show the current state of the correspondence like draft, confirmed, signed and delivered.

Forwarding and reminders logs

Forwarding log shows all actions that took place on the correspondence, which makes it easy to view the timeline of the workflow in details, in addition the system shows the reminders log related to a single action.