Are there different bundles?

berry 365 gives you a full control of choice through a collection of bundles that are designed to fit your need and budget. For more details Click here.

Are the mobile devices supported natively?

Yes, we deliver Android and iOS native applications and we deploy them with your branding to the public or private stores.

Has it been successfully applied to governmental agencies?

Yes, it has been implemented on governmental, semi-governmental and private sectors.

What screen sizes do you support?

The product supports responsive design, supporting screens sizes on laptops to PCs with HD Screens. Smart Phones and Tablets are supported through native applications.

Does the product support different Calendar types?

The product supports more than one calendar, including the Gregorian and Hijri Calendars.

What languages are displayed and entered into the system?

The product is multilingual, and supports both Left to Right and Right to Left languages. This includes the portals, administration areas and the mobile apps. We allow key records to be entered in two different languages at the same time.

Is the product available on the cloud?

The product is designed for the highly secured access. It is possible to deploy the product on premise or on the cloud, using Microsoft Azure.