Each correspondence is tracked from its creation until its archival. You’ll always know who holds a correspondence, the previous people that have held the correspondence, and the exact time of each step. All of these information are displayed in a

Scan and Search

Advanced scanning capabilities berry® allows users to scan documents directly from within the system without having to use a separate software for scanning. After scanning the documents berry® provides you with tools for editing the document like cropping, resizing, rotate,

berry Interface

Modern Display Screens The modern and dynamic design facilitates reaching the needed information and the interaction, the systems support Responsive Design to guarantee that it adapts with different screen sizes Intuitive Quick Search A quick search bar that is available everywhere to


berry® is a correspondence management system that helps the institution organize incoming, outgoing and internal correspondences. The system is built using the latest technologies and development tools to insure security, effectiveness and ease of use for all its users. Each

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